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Step into a world where creativity meets functionality, where every corner of your home can be transformed into a reflection of your unique style. I am passionate about curating a collection of home design products that inspire, excite, and elevate your living space.

My story

My name is Lisa Mansfield Barnica. I started my own cleaning business over 35 years ago. I love what I do and find joy in the transformation of any living space.  I transform cluttered chaos into serene sanctuaries, and create an environment that is clean and organized. I have a knack for finding affordable improvements that can turn a living space into a home. 

Whether it's a complete home makeover, a strategic reorganization, or a simple refresh with decor accents, I bring passion, expertise, and creativity to every project.  Throughout this process, whether it is a one-time project, or a continued partnership, my heart is on my sleeve, and I am committed to helping you improve your space. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities in the Boulder and Greater Denver Metro Area.


If you are far away, shoot me an email with your dilemma and we'll see if I can help you solve it long distance.

Either way, let's connect.

Contact Info


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